Novatrope Aqua (2 x 45 IU) liquid



Novartis Medical

Release form:

2 x 45 IU

Active substance:

Human Growth Hormone

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A growth hormone



Novatrope Aqua (Growth Hormone) Novartis Medical

Novatrope Aqua is a synthetic growth hormone preparation produced by the well-known Swiss company Novaris Medical. It is intended for use in medicine and has already become popular among athletes. First of all, we are talking about power disciplines and especially bodybuilding. The fact is that somatotropin promotes a set of muscle mass and has powerful fat-burning properties. The package includes 2 cartridges with growth hormone with a capacity of 45 IU. The most profitable Novatrope Aqua can be bought in our store.

Positive qualities and effects of Novatrope Aqua

The active substance of the drug is recombinant somatotropin, the molecule of which consists of 191 amines connected in series. This makes it as similar as possible to endogenous growth hormone. Scientists have long proved that the maximum concentration of somatotropin is observed in childhood. The body then gradually slows down the production of this substance.

We have already noted that the drug has strong fat-burning properties and that is why it has become very popular in sports. In addition, growth hormone is able to stimulate the processes of hyperplasia of muscle tissues. Simply put, under the influence of this substance, the reactions of muscle tissue cell division are activated. At the same time, new fibers can be trained and thus growth hormone allows you to expand the genetic limits of bodybuilders.

Among the positive properties of Novatrope Aqua are:

  • A set of lean muscle mass.

  • Improving the performance of the body's defense mechanisms.

  • Acceleration of lipolysis processes.

  • The speed of regenerative processes increases.

  • The cellular structures of all body tissues are rejuvenated.

Synthetic growth hormone can be considered a fairly safe drug if the athlete follows all the recommendations. However, if you decide to order Novatrope Aqua for the first time, then you should be aware of the potential side effects. First of all, we are talking about temporary hyperglycemia. To eliminate this negative effect, professional builders use somatotropin in conjunction with insulin. However, we recommend bodybuilding lovers to use growth hormone in minimal doses and in such a situation this problem will not arise.

Combination and dosage of Novatrope Aqua

At the amateur level, the daily dosage is in the range of 5 to 10 units. Start the course with a minimum dose and in the absence of side effects, it can be increased. The duration of courses with the participation of Novatrop Aqua is from 3 to 6 months. Also note that when using a dose of 10 units, it should be divided into two doses in the morning and evening.

The drug can be combined with other types of pharmaceuticals. We have already said that professionals use insulin for this. We recommend that experienced amateur athletes use other combinations. For example, an excellent mass-gaining course can be carried out thanks to the combination of Novatrope Aqua-Testosterone Enanthate. Boldenone is also perfect for solving the problem.

Reviews for Novatrope Aqua

Due to the appearance on the market of growth hormones from a large number of manufacturers, their cost is gradually decreasing.Many athletes focus on the fact that Novatrope Aqua price looks attractive, and the drug itself is of excellent quality. Often at the beginning of the course, pain appears in the joints. This is a normal reaction of the body and after a few days everything returns to normal. Novice athletes should carefully study Novatrope Aqua reviews in order to avoid mistakes when compiling a course with the participation of this drug.


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