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Release form:

10 IU in vial

Active substance:

Human Growth Hormone

A country:



A growth hormone



The price is per package (10 bottles of 10 IU)


Ansomone (Ansomone) one of the five most popular growth hormones in our country. It is produced in the form of a lyophilizable powder in vials with six types of dosage. Like drugs like it, Ansomon is actively used both as a medicine in the medical industry and as an additive in the field of sports nutrition.

Imagine that you are already Bought growth hormone Ansomon, pick up the package with the drug, open it and see in front of you vials with powder and ampoules with a solvent. It would seem that nothing complicated: add the solvent to the vial with the powder and the preparation is ready for use! There is one caveat here: when the solvent interacts with the powder, the vial should in no case be shaken vigorously (for better mixing). Otherwise, Ansomone will collapse, that is, it will become absolutely useless and a bunch of unfounded complaints will fall on the shoulders of sellers. Mix the ingredients slowly, with smooth swaying movements until the powder is completely dissolved.

To achieve a result in the form of improved relief and an increase in muscle mass, the following dosage regimen is recommended. You can start the course with a dosage of 5 units per day, preferably every other day, so as not to cause a decrease in the sensitivity of receptors to the hormone. Further, if there are no side effects, in the second or third week, you can increase the dosage of Ansomon to 10 units.The dosage should not be increased further. The ideal course duration is approximately 3 to 6 months. It is at this time that the best results are observed. After 6 months, you need to take a break.

With regular use of the hormone, the following processes in the body will be significantly accelerated, such as:

– Protein synthesis.
– Increase resistance to infectious diseases.
– Growth of cells and cartilage.
– Metabolism of fats.

In addition, Ansomone growth hormone also has such beneficial properties as:

– Acceleration of the synthesis of cardiocytes.

– Regulation of fat metabolism in the body, and, consequently, its rapid burning.

– Creates high spirits, increases sexual desire.

– Improves the work of the contractile muscle of the heart and this is not all of its positive qualities.

Ansomon GH injections can be done both subcutaneously and intramuscularly. Well, either a doctor (depending on the patient's diagnosis), or a trainer, or a consultant from our Mad Bear store will help determine the dosage of the drug. The concentration of the hormone in the body will become 3-5 hours after the injection.

Growth Hormone Ansomon

Before proceeding to the course of taking growth hormone, it is worth noting another important factor. Rarely enough, but, nevertheless, there are cases of the formation of antibodies after the injection of the drug (especially if the dosage is exceeded). In this case, we can conclude that the Ansomon course will not give any result.

Often on the Internet there are negative customer reviews about supposedly low-quality products that do not give any result.Sometimes they are justified (after all, we are talking about Ansomon, the price of which is far from negligible, and only original products give the effect), and sometimes they are left by buyers who were not informed about the nuances of application and dosage in time.

It should be noted that for a long time there has been a tendency to increase the demand for the hormone from the female part of the population of our country after 30-35 years. It's all about the overall effect of the drug on the female body. In addition to burning excess adipose tissue, the hormone promotes skin regeneration and rejuvenation, improves hair condition and adds shine to the eyes.

Where to buy Ansomon in Ukraine?

There are actually a lot of buying opportunities. But do not forget that only the original drug gives the expected effect described above! The BigSport store contains only proven and original products in its assortment, and guarantees the expected result!

Dosage of growth hormone Ansomone

Dosage for restorative and anti-aging purposes: 3-5 units per day.

Dosage for improving athletic performance: 5 or more units of Ansomone per day

Before use, 1 ml of water (water for injection) should be injected into the vial, water should be poured along the wall, then the water should be twisted with smooth rotating movements, rotated until Ansomon is completely dissolved.


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