Jintropin (Jintropin) EuroPharm 10 IU / 10 vials




Release form:

10 IU in vial

Active substance:

Human Growth Hormone

A country:



A growth hormone



The price is per package (10 bottles of 10 IU)


Jintropin (Jintropin) is the trade name for growth hormone, which has currently been registered and certified in the territory of such states as Russia, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. Europharm (UK) Co Ltd, Europharm (UK) Co, Ltd, headquartered in London (UK) is the official distributor of Jintropin in this group of countries. Information about the company can be found at http://europharm.com/.

The release form of the product Jintropin is a white sublimated powder (lyophilisate) used for subcutaneous administration. Depending on the amount of active ingredient in one ampoule, the drug has two presentations: 4 IU (1.33 mg) and 10 IU (3.33 mg). ampoules with a solvent, – 10 bottles of the drug, equipped with 10 ampoules of the solvent, – 20 bottles of the drug without additional equipment, – 50 bottles of the drug, equipped with 50 ampoules of the solvent.
Company specializing in the production of JintropinGeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. began conquering its segment of the Chinese market in 1998. Its successful development was ensured by close cooperation between Dr. Lei Jin and Changchun High-tech Group Co., Ltd.At the present stage, GenSci specializes in the creation, production and sale of medicines. The basis of these processes are the latest technologies in the field of genetic (genetic) engineering. The company has at its disposal pharmaceutical equipment, which is the most modern in China. Athletes from over twenty countries, to which Jintropin is supplied, were able to appreciate the effectiveness of its use. Athletes gave the drug the laconic name Gin. Jintropin is one of the flagship products of GeneScience. This brand of hormone, presented in the form of somatropin for subcutaneous injections, belongs to the leading position. Jintropin accounts for at least 70% of the Chinese market.
In what cases is the use of Jintropin indicated?In children diagnosed with a deficiency of adequate internal growth hormone, when using the drug, linear growth is activated along with an increase in its rate. In the adult group with a diagnosis confirming growth hormone deficiency, the use of the drug contributes to the correction of fat and muscle mass last. Jintropin has a beneficial effect on the physiological state of a person and promotes a surge of energy. In severe diseases accompanied by a significant loss of muscle mass, the drug acts as a powerful anti-catalyst, due to which the process of destruction of muscle mass is restrained. At the same time, the internal reserves of the body for the storage and accumulation of nitrogen reserves increase and contribute to faster healing of skin and organ damage during the recovery period after surgical (surgical) intervention, as well as in the post-burn period.
Fraud protectionGenSci Pharmaceuticals has developed a system specifically to provide anti-counterfeit protection to protect the product from fakes. Its implementation allows not only to confirm the authenticity of the drug, but also to prevent the spread of counterfeit products. Each package of Jintropin is assigned an individual number designed to verify the originality of the drug on the website http://www.gensci-china.com (the official website of the company).
Authenticity of the drug: verificationProduct authentication checks to see if the drug you bought has been registered. Its implementation consists of several stages. First of all, you need to find the website http://www.gensci-china.com sectionJintropin Anti-counterfeiting System.
The packing box is supplied with a sticker, on which the silver coating hides the original security code. After its removal, the code is entered into the cells located on the site in the corresponding subsection. Next, you should find a photo whose image is identical to the sticker on the packaging box. If a match is found as a result of their comparison, use the "same" button. This allows you to open a window with information confirming that this product belongs to a particular market (country). This page contains a detailed description of security codes and a photo gallery.
Jintropin can be presented in 4 packaging options, depending on the number of vials (5, 10, 20, 50) and additional equipment.
GenLei Jintropin for Ukraine Market offers a detailed description of the package, which includes 5 bottles of freeze-dried somatropin powder (active ingredient).
one.The cells of the foam base are designed to place vials and ampoules in them in a strictly defined order. One package contains: – vials with the active ingredient (lyophilizate) (5 pieces), – ampoules containing water for injection (5 pieces of 1 ml), – insulin syringes (5 pieces). The package is supplied with instructions for using the drug registered with the Ministry of Health. 2. Each product package must have a special anti-counterfeiting sticker placed at the junction of the box with the lid. The sticker is a sticker without a hologram.Before opening the box, the sticker hiding the security code under the silver strip should be torn off. The original code includes 12 characters. Below it is the site address www.gensci-china.com and an indication of the need to verify the authenticity of the product.3. The sticker contains a field of 12 cells, each of which is assigned an individual number. When carefully examining the cells above the code, you can find security fibers, the location of which is compared with a black and white photograph corresponding to their real image. Using the original security code in the section of the site "Jintropin Anti-counterfeiting System" allows you to make available the information of the next window.4. If the image of the sticker on the packaging box matches the photo of the anti-counterfeit sticker, use the "same" button.
Having received confirmation of the authenticity of the drug, you can familiarize yourself with the data on the supplier country. The discrepancy between the protective strips of the sticker and the image from the photo gallery serves as the basis for fixing the fact of a fake.


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