Oestrogel (Estrogel) 80 g



Besins International-France

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gel for local approx. 0.6 mg/g tube 80 g

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Oestrogel Estrogel 80 mg

estrogel hormonal drug of enhanced action. They are used to restore and normalize the level of estrogen in the female body.
Helps in the fight against climate syndrome, including signs of osteoporosis. Increases lipid profile and reduces blood viscosity.
Effectively copes with the elimination of various symptoms of malaise. Reduces perspiration. Improves sleep. Relaxes the nervous system, has a calming effect and fights irritability.
Prevents atrophic changes in the organs of the genitourinary system.

Release form

Gel Estrogel produced in France by the pharmaceutical company Besins International-France.
It goes on sale in a tube with a dispenser. Tube weight 80 mg.
The medicine comes with instructions.

special instructions

estrogel applied intravaginally. The course of treatment is prescribed by the attending physician.
Usually, the effectiveness of the use of the drug is observed after 7-10 days of use.
Please note that the gel has contraindications. Therefore, before you start using it, be sure to be examined by a specialist.
For all the details on the drug, please contact the phone number listed on the main page of the site.

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