Cutacnyl (Baziron AS) 5% / 40 g




Release form:

5% gel for external use, 40 g in a tube

Active substance:

Benzoyl peroxide, aqueous

A country:






Cutacnyl Baziron AS 5% 40mg

Baziron AS drug of complex action. It is used to improve tissue oxygenation. Has an antibacterial effect. Suppresses the development of acne.
Under the influence of the drug in the body of patients, the secretion of subcutaneous fat decreases. The sebaceous glands carefully process the resulting fat cells, as a result, the skin is moisturized. Significantly reduces the risk of developing pronounced acne.

Release form

Gel Baziron Made in France by Galderma.
It goes on sale in tubes of 40 mg, packed in a cardboard container.

special instructions

Baziron is applied for the treatment of acne, comedones, and trophic ulcers of the lower leg.
It has no special restrictions in admission, therefore it is allowed for use by all people over 12 years old.
For more information about the drug, please call the number listed on the main page of our website. Calls are answered by a qualified pharmacist.
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