Mycoster (Mikoster varnish, batrafen varnish)



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3 ml / vial

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Mycoster, Batrafen

Mycoster unique antifungal nail polish. It is used to treat nail plates affected by infectious diseases, fungus and onychomycosis.

special instructions

To achieve the highest possible effectiveness of treatment, nail treatment must be carried out in strict observance of the dosage and advice of doctors.
The recommended course of treatment is carried out for 4-8 weeks. During this time, the varnish must be applied no more than 1 time in 2 days.
Before you start using varnish, try to remove as much of the nail tissue that has been affected by the fungal infection as possible. Then, moisten the surface of the prepared nails with a water-alcohol solution, and apply varnish.
Please note that the next day after application, the hardened varnish must be removed. This can be done with ordinary acetone, which is suitable for removing the usual decorative varnishes.


Varnish Mycoster not allowed to be used by pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding. People with individual intolerance to the active components of the varnish, and children.
During treatment, it is not recommended to use decorative varnishes, as this may adversely affect the effectiveness of therapy.

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