Permixon (Permixon) 160 mg / 60 caps



Pierre Fabre

Release form:

160 mg / 60 capsules

Active substance:

Serenoa repens lipidosterol extract

A country:



Male section



Permixon Permixon 160 mg 60 capsules

Permixon powerful pharmaceutical drug for the treatment of the prostate gland.
It is prescribed for use by men suffering from benign hypertension of 1 and 2 degrees.
It helps to normalize the permeability of capillaries, thereby having a persistent anti-inflammatory effect on the entire genitourinary system.
Reduces the formation in the body of digistrotestosterone.
It is allowed in combination with other antibiotics.

Release form

Capsules Permixon produced in France by the pharmaceutical company Pierre Fabre.
They go on sale in a cellular contour package from 15 to 60 pieces.
The kit includes instructions for using the medicine.

special instructions

Permixon applied during meals, 2 times a day.
Contraindicated in men with high hypersensitivity to antibiotics.
In case of overdose, the capsules may cause an allergic reaction and nausea.
For other details about the drug, please contact the phone number listed on the main page of the site.

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