Treno A (Trenbolone Acetate)



Ortis Pharm Labs

Release form:

10ml x 100mgml

Active substance:

Trenbolone Acetate

A country:

Malaysia (Malaysia)





Treno A – 10ml/100mg

Treno A is one of the powerful steroids and is based on the active ingredient of the same name. This drug is produced by the Malaysian company Ortis Pharm Labs. We recommend Treno A to be bought only by experienced athletes for the most effective cutting cycles, increasing strength and gaining quality muscle mass.

Positive qualities and effects of Treno A

Trenbolone is an improved version of Nandrolone. Changes in comparison with the original substance are higher anabolic and androgenic properties, as well as the absence of aromatization. But the progestogenic activity of Trenbolone has been preserved. Acetate is the shortest ester of tren and is actively used by bodybuilders during the drying period.

Trenbolone came to sports from veterinary medicine, where it was used to accelerate weight gain in animals. It is not surprising that the athletes paid close attention to him and definitely did not fail. Given the high impact on the body, Treno A can only be ordered by experienced athletes.

We note the main positive qualities of anabolic:

  • Rapid increase in lean muscle mass.

  • It has strong fat burning properties.

  • The rate of lipolysis processes sharply increases.

  • Effectively suppresses the work of hormones of the glucocorticoid group, which are responsible for the destruction of muscle tissue.

  • Allows you to significantly increase the strength of the athlete.

Note that a short ether is less dangerous for the body in comparison with prolonged preparations based on Trenbolone. The fact is that due to the short half-life, progestogenic and androgenic activity cannot manifest itself in full force. Despite this, we do not recommend using the drug for novice athletes.

Speaking about the negative effects of Trenbolone, it is worth noting the active suppression of the HH axis. This can lead to serious health problems if no action is taken. If the anabolic is used for six or more weeks, then you should add Gonadotropin to the course. Some athletes say the Treno A seems overpriced. However, as soon as they conduct one course with the participation of tren, the opinion changes to the opposite.

Combination and dosage of Treno A

We recommend putting anabolic every third day at 75-100 milligrams. This scheme is suitable not only for solo courses, but also combined ones. As mentioned above, if the steroid is planned to be used for more than five weeks, then be sure to purchase Gonadotropin. It is also worth protecting yourself from the progestogenic activity of the anabolic, Cabergoline is used.

If we talk about the combined use of AAS, then Nandrolone should be excluded from the number of possible bundles. There are no other restrictions, and the rest of the steroids can be safely used. For example, Treno A-Winstrol is an excellent drying binder. We have already talked about the use of Acetate, and put injectable Stanozolol every day at 50 milligrams. Also, Clenbuterol can be used to solve the problem. Such a course will be safer, but at the same time very effective.

Reviews about Treno A

If you decide to study Treno A reviews, then it is better to visit foreign specialized sites for this. In our country, this drug began to be sold relatively recently, and few athletes have tried it yet. However, even in Runet, the opinions of builders are positive. We guarantee that this is a quality and effective steroid with which you will progress quickly.


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