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Release form:

250 mg/ml 1ml vial

Active substance:

Testosterone Mix

A country:

Moldova (Moldova)





SP Sustanon Sustanon SP LABS

SP Sustanon combined preparation of artificial origin. It is a complex of testosterone esters with a different splitting period. It is used as a steroid of enhanced action to stimulate the growth of muscle mass and tighten the muscles.
Currently Sustanon is one of the most effective anabolic steroids in Europe. Its effectiveness lies in the fact that it maintains the proper level of testosterone in the blood, this can increase a person’s physical endurance in terms of strength, while significantly increasing muscle mass growth. It improves appetite, and with it the synthesis of proteins and oxygen in the body. Increases libido. Strengthens bone tissue and provides a uniform natural relief of young muscle fibers.

special instructions

The optimal dosage of the drug for one course is 6 8 injections.
The recommended course duration is 6 weeks.
The frequency of injections should be selected individually, taking into account the characteristics of the organism.
On average, one injection should not exceed more than 250 mg of the drug.
If the injection course lasts more than 6 weeks, the complex Sustanon injections it is necessary to include Gonadotropin. This will preserve the natural production of testosterone in the body.
Please note that the presence of the solution in the blood may persist for the next 4 months after the last injection. Therefore, it is strictly prohibited for athletes who undergo regular doping control.

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