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Testosterone Propionate

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Testosterone Propionate Novartis Medical

Testosterone Propionate is based on the substance of the same name, which is very popular with athletes. Most often, this steroid is used during the drying period or is part of power courses. However, with the right combination, with the help of Testosterone Propionate, you can gain high-quality muscle mass.

Positive quality and effects Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone is the shortest ester of the male hormone. Its half-life is no more than three days, but the maximum concentration of the active substance in the blood is observed directly on the day of administration. Since Propionate has a similar molecular structure to the endogenous male hormone.

This suggests that the anabolic and androgenic activity of Testosterone Propionate, which you can order from us, is 100 percent each. Recall that it is the male hormone that is the standard against which all other steroids are compared. We note the main properties of the drug:

  • On the course, there is an increase in muscle mass.

  • Power parameters increase significantly.

  • Does not have hepatotoxicity.

  • Strong fat burning effect.

  • The relief of muscles improves.

Thanks to the effects of the steroid described above, the drug has become popular. However, the attractive price of Testosterone Propionate also contributes to this. This is a fairly safe steroid, the competent use of which guarantees the absence of side effects.Novice athletes should remember that any steroid can be dangerous to the body. However, Testosterone Propionate, due to its short half-life, does not produce strong estrogenic and androgenic effects on the body. We also note that the performance of the pituitary arch is practically not suppressed during propik courses.

combination and dosage Testosterone Propionate

If you have made the decision to buy Testosterone Propionate, then you need to learn how to use it wisely. That is what we are going to talk about now. The duration of the course should be limited to 6-8 weeks. However, due to the high frequency of injections, many builders use anabolic for one month. This approach is justified during the drying period, but to gain muscle mass it is worth increasing the duration of the course.

Injections must be done every second day at 100 milligrams. This is a classic scheme that has been allowing athletes to progress quickly for many years. Bodybuilding enthusiasts should not exceed the indicated amount of the drug, as the risks of developing side effects increase. Since aromatization on a solo course is slow, Proviron can be used as an antiestrogen.

As for combined courses, you are free to use any steroids. For example, Testosterone Propionate-Winstrol will be an excellent choice for drying. It should be said right away that the prop pick is used similarly to solo courses. Enter Winstrol every day or every other day, 50 milligrams. The considered scheme will allow you to get excellent results with minimal risks of side effects.

If you need to gain good quality muscle mass in large quantities, then you can use the bundles of the drug in question with the appropriate anabolics. They can be Trenbolone Enanthate, Parabolan, Nandrolone Decanoate, Boldenone. Recall that there are many options for the combined use of propik.

Reviews about testosterone Propionate

It is Testosterone Propionate reviews that will eloquently tell you about the popularity of this anabolic. Almost every builder uses this drug and gets excellent results. To do this, you just need to learn how to correctly compose anabolic courses.


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