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100 mg/ml 1ml vial

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Moldova (Moldova)






In sports, all testosterone-containing drugs are very popular. However, among them there are quite specific ones, and now we are talking about an aqueous suspension. Unlike essential compounds, AquaTest contains a pure male hormone. This has a serious impact on the properties of the drug. If you want to buy Aquatest profitably, then just contact our store.

Positive qualities and effects Aquatest

Since the molecule of the active substance of the Aquatest steroid does not have an ether residue, its half-life is short. As a result, the drug must be administered every day. This is one of the features of the considered anabolic. It should be noted that most often professional athletes decide to order Aquatest for use at the final stage of preparation for tournaments.

In fact, Aquatest is a modern version of the very first drug based on the male hormone. The second important difference between this drug and esters is a large amount of pure testosterone. It is quite obvious that with the introduction of, say, 50 milligrams of Aquatest into the body, it receives a similar amount of the active substance. In other testosterone-containing anabolics, an additional ester residue is present. Thanks to this, Aquatest, the price of which looks attractive, has a more powerful effect on the body.

And now about the most important effects of the drug:

  • Muscle mass is gaining at a high speed.

  • It has a high rate of performance.

  • Metabolites of the drug are disposed of in a short time.

  • It has strong fat burning properties.

Thanks to the latter property, the drug is used by pro-athletes in preparation for tournaments. It should be noted that Aquatest can be considered a fairly safe anabolic. However, the risks of developing side effects in its courses are present. If, when using male hormone esters, athletes most often encounter gynecomastia, then the suspension is more likely to cause androgenic side effects. However, given the presence in the arsenal of builders such a drug as Finasteride, you have nothing to fear.

Combination and dosage Aquatest

Surely you should not be reminded that this drug is categorically contraindicated for athletes. Most bodybuilding enthusiasts ignore it because of the need for frequent injections. At the same time, the anabolic is characterized by high speed, and you can notice the first effects from its use in a couple of days from the start of the course.

Agree, not every builder will be able to withstand frequent injections over a long time period. That is why the duration of courses with the participation of Aquatest rarely exceeds 4 weeks. This time is enough to prepare well for the upcoming competitions. Since the injections are quite painful, we recommend using vitamin B12 along with the drug, and with high sensitivity to pain, it is worth focusing on novocaine or lidocaine.

Speaking about the rules for using a steroid, you should pay attention to the fact that it can be extremely useful when conducting power courses. Like any testosterone containing AAS, Aquatest goes well with other drugs. But we have already noted that most often courses with his participation are held shortly before the start in tournaments.Since the anabolic metabolites are excreted quickly, it is extremely difficult to detect traces of the use of the suspension on doping control. If you use the drug in combination with other AAS, then the situation will change dramatically.

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On the net you can easily find m. Almost all of them are left by professional athletes. This fact increases their importance for beginner athletes.


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