Testosterone E (Testosterone Enanthate)



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Release form:

250 mg/ml 1ml vial

Active substance:

Testosterone Enanthate

A country:

Moldova (Moldova)





testosterone E (Testosterone Enanthate)

Testosterone Enanthate (lat Testosterone E) a steroid, an esterified form of testosterone. The active component of the drug is converted into an ether and, after entering the body, is fixed in fat depots, which allows it to act slowly and steadily as it enters the bloodstream.
The drug has pronounced anabolic properties. Accelerates protein synthesis, and keeps the nitrogen level of the body under control, which contributes to the intensive development of muscles.

special instructions

testosterone E ether of long duration. Works on average 2-3 weeks, and is excreted from the body for 3 months. During this time, the action of the drug contributes to an active increase in muscle mass. Increases power performance.
During intense training, it relieves joint pain and problems with intervertebral discs. Struggling with a crunch in the shoulders.
By activating absolutely all regenerative processes in the body, the drug improves well-being and increases libido.

Admission course

Application steroid Testosterone Enanthate allowed men who have reached the age of majority, who have undergone a full medical examination.
Injections are carried out 2 times a week.
The dosage of the drug is prescribed individually, on average it ranges from 250 to 750 mg of solution. As age and body weight, can be regulated.
The drug is easily combined with other steroids, among them Proviron, Trenabol, Anapol and Boldenone.

Health and strength, power and high efficiency of use

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