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Stanozolol Aqua Novartis Medical

Stanozolol Aqua is an injectable version of Stanozolol. Recall that this active substance is a derivative of the hormone dihydrotestosterone, but due to changes made to the molecular structure, it has low androgenic activity. At the same time, Stanozolol Aqua is a strong anabolic. Due to the ability to increase not only strength, but also endurance, the steroid is actively used in various sports.

Positive qualities and effects Stanozolol Aqua

Before buying Stanozolol Aqua for the first time, many athletes want to get acquainted with the features and properties of the steroid. The first analogue of the anabolic Winstrol appeared on the market back in the sixties. In a short time, he became one of the most sought after AAS. To date, the situation has not changed and the steroid is actively used by athletes of different levels of training.

As mentioned above, the drug is characterized by high anabolic activity. According to this indicator, Stanozolol Aqua exceeds the male hormone by 3.2 times. In turn, the parameter of androgenic effects on the body is only a third of testosterone. Since the half-life of the steroid is short, it must be administered frequently. On the one hand, this fact indicates the need for frequent injections.

However, for performing athletes, this is good, as the body quickly utilizes the metabolites of the steroid.Modern methods of conducting doping tests can give a positive result for a maximum of 21 days from the date of discontinuation of the use of Winstrol.

And now about the positive properties of anabolic:

  • Powerful fat burning activity.

  • Increases physical characteristics.

  • Increases appetite.

  • Accelerates the processes of disposal of excess fluid.

  • The relief of muscles improves.

This is one of the safest anabolics, but only for men. If the tablet version of Stanozolol can be used by athletes, then the injectable version is contraindicated for use.

Combination and dosage Stanozolol Aqua

To get good results from the course, it is not enough just to order Stanozolol Aqua. You must use this drug wisely. However, the scheme of the course is quite simple. The athlete needs to do daily injections of 50 milligrams. The duration of anabolic use is in the range of one to two months. Since the steroid is not characterized by estrogenic and progestogenic activity, it is not required to use auxiliary medications on solo courses.

When talking about any AAS, you need to pay attention to the combined use. This is how you can get the maximum effect from the farm. There are a large number of effective connections, and we cannot now talk about each of them. However, it is definitely worth mentioning a few of the most popular ones. For drying, many builders actively use the combination of Stanozolol Aqua-Testosterone Propionate. The first anabolic is placed in accordance with the scheme described above, and the prop is administered every second day at 100 milligrams.

However, Winstrol can be useful not only for drying, but also during the period of mass gain.An example of such a course is the combination of Testosterone Enanthate-Methandienone-Stanozolol Aqua. Enter the long ether of the male hormone twice a week, 500 milligrams. Methane is used daily at 40 milligrams. Winstrol is enough to put three times a week for 50-100 milligrams. Note that you will like Stanozolol Aqua price in our store.

Reviews about Stanozolol Aqua

If you wish, you can easily find reviews on the Stanozolol Aqua network. All athletes agree that this is an effective and safe drug with high quality workmanship.


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