Testo P (Testosterone Propionate)



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Release form:

10ml x 100mgml

Active substance:

Testosterone Propionate

A country:

Malaysia (Malaysia)





Testo P – 10ml/100mg

In our store you can safely and profitably buy Testo P. This drug is based on the active substance of the same name, which is most often used during the drying period. However, like all testosterone-containing anabolics, Propionate is able to accelerate the processes of muscle tissue hypertrophy. However, the amount of mass gained will be significantly lower in comparison with the use of prolonged anabolics, but at the same time its quality will be excellent.

Positive qualities and effects of Testo P

Today, five steroids based on the male hormone are actively used in sports. Among them, Propionate enjoys great success. This is largely due to its versatility. If prolonged ethers are used only during mass gain, then short ones also show themselves perfectly during drying.

Since Testosterone Propionate is completely identical to the endogenous hormonal substance, it produces the same effects on the body. However, the short half-life has made certain changes in them. First of all, this concerns the safety of the anabolic, which we will talk about a little later. In the meantime, we note that the anabolic and androgenic activity of propik is 100 percent.

  • Let's single out the most significant positive properties of the steroid:

  • It has powerful fat burning activity.

  • It has a positive effect on the work of the heart muscle, preventing some ailments.

  • Stimulates the processes of hypertrophy of muscle tissues.

  • Power characteristics increase sharply.

  • Improves the relief of the body.

  • Appetite increases.

Since this is a short ether of the male hormone, fat-burning properties are clearly manifested in its courses. That is why the drug shows itself perfectly during the drying period. Also, the short half-life does not allow the full manifestation of estrogenic and androgenic activity. As a result, Propionate can be considered a safer AAS, in comparison with prolonged esters of the male hormone. However, if you decide to order Testo P for the first time, we recommend adding an aromatase inhibitor to the course. Most often, when using propik solo, it is enough to use Proviron.

Combinations and dosages of Testo P

The one-time dosage of anabolic is 100 milligrams, and it is necessary to put the steroid every second day. The duration of courses with the participation of Propionate is from 6 to 8 weeks, but during the drying period it is enough to use the steroid for a minimum period. Note that the described scheme will be effective not only for solo courses, but also for combined ones.

Since Propeak goes well with any pharma, this is how it is most often used by athletes. For example, when combined with Boldenone, you can gain only high-quality mass and significantly increase strength. At the same time, the risks of developing side effects will be minimal. But a bunch of Testo P-Winstrol will allow you to conduct a strong drying course. Even more outstanding results can be obtained when using Propic with Trenbolone Acetate.

Testo P reviews

The main factor in the high popularity of the steroid is its effectiveness. However, the affordable price of Testo P also has a certain influence on this.For many years, propik has been in great demand in sports. This makes it easy for you to find reviews on the Testo P network. All of them are positive. Builders are unanimous in their opinion that this is a quality drug with which you can quickly progress.


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