boldo U (Boldenone)



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Release form:

250mg/ml 10ml

Active substance:

Boldenone Undecylenate

A country:

Malaysia (Malaysia)





Boldo U- 10ml/250mg

In our store you can buy Boldo U profitably. This is an injectable steroid based on the substance of the same name, which has a long half-life. In sports, Boldenone is actively used to gain quality mass and increase strength parameters. Note that the steroid can be used by athletes of different levels of training.

Positive qualities and effects of Boldo U

Boldenone was created for use in the veterinary industry. With its help, it was possible to increase appetite and, accordingly, accelerate weight gain in weakened animals. Today, three esters of Boldenone are produced, but only Undecylenate is used in sports. The molecular structure of the anabolic resembles Methandienone. The main difference between these steroids is the lack of a methyl group on Boldenone, which makes it safe for the liver.

As for the origin of the active substance of the drug, it is derived from the male hormone. As a result, bold has a similar anabolic activity compared to testosterone (100 percent), but at the same time is a moderate androgen (50 percent). To all builders who decide to order Boldo U for the first time, we recommend that you get acquainted with the properties of the anabolic:

  • The work of the hematopoietic system is accelerated.

  • On the course, there is a constant, albeit not a rapid increase in dry muscle mass.

  • Oxygen is quickly delivered to all tissues of the body.

  • Power parameters increase.

A distinctive feature of the drug from other steroids is a powerful increase in appetite. In this matter, Boldenon has no competitors. We also note a strong stimulation of the hematopoietic system, and during training, athletes can achieve a powerful pumping effect. In addition to the excellent effectiveness of the anabolic, it is worth noting its fairly high safety.

Boldenone practically does not aromatize, and there is no need to use aromatase inhibitors in solo courses. Also, the steroid has no progestogenic activity. All this guarantees the complete absence of the risks of developing gynecomastia, the appearance of puffiness of the body and other side effects of the estrogenic type. Since it is a moderate androgen, androgenic negative effects are not observed on steroid courses. Another advantage of the steroid is the affordable Boldo U price.

Combination and dosage of Boldo U

We have already noted that the drug has a long half-life. Thus, during the week you can bet bold one or maximum two times. In this time period, it is enough for builders to use from 400 to 600 milligrams. We suggest that bodybuilding enthusiasts use the following scheme, two injections per week of 200 milligrams.

The duration of AAS use is from 6 to 10 weeks. Often, builders use the drug for the maximum period, since Boldenone needs a fairly large amount of time to gain maximum speed. If novice builders can get excellent results from solo courses, then experienced ones prefer to use various combinations. Links should be selected depending on the tasks at hand. Since there are no restrictions here, there are a large number of options.

Boldo U reviews

This drug for the domestic pharmaceutical market is new and Boldo U reviews in Runet appear relatively rarely. However, we are sure that this is a temporary phenomenon. Those builders who have already experienced Boldenone from Ortis Pharm Labs speak of it only in positive terms.


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