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Release form:

50 mg/ml 1ml vial

Active substance:


A country:

Moldova (Moldova)





SP Stanoject Stanozozol SP LABS

SP Stanozozol anabolic steroid, originally popular among athletes in athletics and bodybuilding.
Currently, the drug is produced in 2 forms of release, oral and injectable. Against the background of analog steroids, it is not an oily, but an aqueous solution. However, neither the oral nor the injectable form of the drug practically do not differ from each other. They have the same composition and the same power of action.
Usually, experts recommend the injectable form of the drug for use, since the oral (tablet) form can affect the liver. The injections are completely harmless.

Power of action

SP Stanozozol It is used to increase the physical endurance of the body of sports training. Quickly relieves fatigue and easily restores energy after overwork.

special instructions

The best thing to do injections of SP Stanozozol into various muscles, since often the active substance does not have time to spread throughout the body in time, and prematurely loses its effectiveness.
You should not expect a particularly large effect from injections of the drug, although a visual increase in muscle mass will still occur. This will be especially noticeable on those muscles where the injection was made. The results obtained in this case will be fixed for a long time, regardless of whether the course of injections was complete or not.

How to use the drug

The optimal dosage of Stanozozol is 100 mg of solution per day.Although professional athletes and bodybuilders often take 200 to 300 mg. Moreover, the ingestion of the drug into the body, for some time should be regular. Breaks between injections may impair its effectiveness.

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