Tadenan (Tadenan) 50 mg / 60 caps




Release form:

50 mg / 60 capsules

Active substance:

African Plum Bark Extract

A country:



Male section



Tadenan Tadenan 50 mg 60 capsules

Tadenan drug for the treatment of prostate adenoma. It has an antiproliferative effect on the growth of fibroblasts, which play a significant role in the fight against various diseases of the male genitourinary system.
Does not affect hormonal tone.
Well suited for men for the treatment and restoration of the genitourinary system, with urination disorders, and benign prostatic hypertension.

Release form

Capsules Tadenan Made in France by Abbott.
They go on sale in blisters, 1 blister of 10 capsules. Packed in a cardboard container.
One package contains from 3 to 6 blisters.
The medicine comes with instructions.

special instructions

Tadenan applied twice a day, one capsule, morning and evening before meals.
The recommended course of treatment is six to eight weeks. If necessary, re-admission is allowed.
Since the drug is not able to replace surgical methods of therapy, in the process of treatment itself, men need to systematically monitor the condition of the prostate gland with a doctor.
For all the details about the medicine, please contact the phone number listed on the main page of the site.

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