Sustaver (Sustaver)




Release form:

10ml x 250mgml

Active substance:

Testosterone Mix

A country:

Moldova (Moldova)





Sustaver (Sustaver)

Sustaver (lat Sustaver) a steroid containing a mixture of testosterone esters of various lengths. It is used as a base preparation for sports training. Its application is no different from the usual testosterone, however, has a prolonged action, which in many ways makes it much more effective.

special instructions

Steroid Sustaver used to improve protein synthesis in the human body. Due to the rapid metabolism of proteins, it evenly increases body weight over the next 15 days from the moment of injection.
It has a high anabolic effect. Increases the presence of red blood cells, thereby increasing the rate of oxygen supply to the muscles. As a result, a person becomes extremely hardy, the supply of physical energy increases, and the muscles begin to work much longer and more without acidification.
During injections, sexual desire also increases. At the end of injections, libido gradually returns to normal.

Admission course

Before use, Sustaver needs to be warmed up. The duration of the course directly depends on the dosage of the drug, the age of the person, his experience in using anabolics, and the specific goal. On average, one therapeutic dose of solution per man represents 250 mg of the drug per week.
For people who are professionally involved in sports and strength sports, the dosage of injections can increase to 750 mg per week with a course duration of up to 12 weeks.

Health and strength, power and high efficiency of use

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