Testosterone Mix (Sustanon) 10 ml



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10ml x 250mgml

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Testosterone Mix

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Sustanon Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical 250mg

All athletes have heard of Sustanon. This complex steroid (it contains four testosterone esters at once) is an excellent mass-gaining tool. Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical has not departed from tradition, and its preparation also contains 250 milligrams of active ingredients in one milliliter of solution.

All the esters that make up the steroid differ in the speed of impact on the body. For this reason, Sustanon is quickly included in the work and is able to maintain high anabolism for a long period of time. Many athletes are satisfied Sustanon price, as well as the possibility of infrequent use. It is enough for you to give injections only once a week.

Properties Sustanon Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical 250mg

  • The rapid growth of muscle mass and in one cycle you will be able to gain about six kilos.

  • A sharp increase in physical parameters.

  • Catabolic processes are eliminated, which helps protect muscle tissue from destruction.

  • The process of production of red cells is enhanced, which positively affects the quality of tissue nutrition.

  • Appetite increases.

Application of Sustanon Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical 250mg

You can use solo Sustanon course or combined. In the second case, the results will be better, but solo cycles are very effective. Permitted and safe dosages of the drug are in the range from 0.25 to 0.5 grams. The drug is used most often for a maximum of two months.

If you want to use sustanon for a longer period of time, then in this case, gonadotropin should be added to the cycle. Also, seven days after the start of the course, it is necessary to start using drugs of the aromatase inhibitor class. Reconstitution therapy should start 21 days after the last injection. In addition to Clomid or Tamoxifen, you can additionally take testosterone boosters at this time.

If we talk about combined cycles, then, of course, the best combination is decanoate Boldenone – Sustanon. The drug can also be used for drying. In this case, it should be combined with winstrol, which will give you the best possible results. With the right choice of drugs, you will be able to achieve a synergistic effect and reduce the likelihood of side effects.

Reviews for Sustanon Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical 250mg

If you read Sustanon reviews, you will find that most athletes are very satisfied with the results. Note that sometimes there are complaints about the appearance of seals (infiltrates) at the injection sites of sustanon. This is not a pleasant effect, although they resolve quickly enough, but with the correct administration of the drug, their formation can be completely avoided.

Also, sometimes athletes talk about a relatively large increase in fat mass, but this largely depends on the individual characteristics of the body. In addition, you can combine the drug with other steroids that will speed up the process of removing excess fluid from the body and burning fat.

But with the speed of increasing physical parameters, all bodybuilders without exception are satisfied. Also, many note the need for a rare administration of the drug, which is very important for many.


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