Testo Mix (Sustanon)



Ortis Pharm Labs

Release form:

10ml x 250mgml

Active substance:

Testosterone Mix

A country:

Malaysia (Malaysia)





Testo Mix – 10ml/250mg

Testo Mix is ​​a mix of male hormone esters manufactured by Ortis Pharm Labs from Malaysia. The first analogue of this drug was created by scientists from the Dutch pharmaceutical concern Organon, and appeared on the market in the middle of the last century. He was well received by athletes and in a short time became extremely popular. Today, all leading pharmaceutical manufacturers have a mix of testosterones in their product line. If you have not yet decided where to buy Testo Mix, then contact our store. We sell only high-quality drugs from leading manufacturers.

Positive qualities and effects of Testo Mix

All testosterone containing AAS are very popular with athletes. They become the main drugs in courses designed to solve various problems. The drug considered today perfectly manifests itself during the period of mass gain. It consists of four esters at once, differing in different half-life periods. As a result, Testo Mix, which should appeal to many athletes at a price, has a high rate of action, but at the same time maintains a prolonged effect.

After the introduction of the drug, the shortest ester of the male hormone Propionate is the first to work. Then comes the turn of Phenylpropionate, which acts as a link between short and prolonged active ingredients. The long-term work of the anabolic is ensured due to the presence of Isocaproate and Decanoate in its composition.

Let's highlight the main positive qualities of the steroid:

  • Power characteristics increase.

  • The processes of hypertrophy of muscle tissues are stimulated.

  • The processes of protein metabolism are accelerated.

  • Suppresses pain in the joints.

  • Bone structures are strengthened due to the active retention of micronutrients in the body, and especially calcium and phosphorus.

  • The speed of regenerative processes in the body increases.

If the cost of steroids is important for you, then we recommend ordering Testo Mix in our store. Only we have the lowest prices for all types of pharmaceuticals. Although Testo Mix is ​​a relatively safe AAS, some side effects are possible with its use. To avoid health problems, you should only strictly follow all the recommendations for taking the drug.

Combination and dosage of Testo Mix

Within seven days, you can put the drug 1 or 2 times. The recommended dosages for this time period are from 250 to 750 milligrams. In most cases, bodybuilding enthusiasts need to use 500 mg for a week. In this amount, Testosterone Blend will be effective and safe. Note that such a scheme is suitable not only for solo courses, but also combined ones.

Since the drug is perfectly combined with any AAS, wide prospects open up for athletes. Bundles of Testo Mix with mass-gathering steroids will significantly increase mass gain. However, if desired, there is an opportunity to improve the qualitative component of the results obtained. For this, athletes use Boldenone, Stanozolol, etc.

Testo Mix reviews

Although Testo Mix reviews are still relatively rare in Runet, because the drug is a novelty on the market, you can find them. Athletes note the high quality of the anabolic, characteristic of all Asian manufacturers. In addition, in their opinion, this steroid has good efficacy and safety.


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