Testo C (Testosterone Cypionate)



Ortis Pharm Labs

Release form:

10ml x 250mgml

Active substance:

Testosterone Cypionate

A country:

Malaysia (Malaysia)





Testo C – 10ml/250mg

Testo C from Ortis Pharm Labs is a powerful mass-gathering steroid. Its active ingredient is long-acting testosterone ester Cypionate. In terms of its properties and indicators of androgenic-anabolic activity, it is similar to an endogenous hormone. You can buy Testo C inexpensively and safely in our store.

Positive qualities and effects of Testo C

Since the synthetic and natural male hormone are identical, the body perfectly perceives this drug. The first preparations based on testosterone appeared in the thirties of the last century and were an aqueous suspension. Since they had a short half-life, they had to be put on a daily basis. It took scientists about two decades to create ethers with a longer half-life.

Cypionate is one of the two long-term steroids and is heavily used to increase strength and muscle mass. Note that the first prolonged testosterone containing AAS appeared on the market Enanthate and became extremely popular among athletes. The release of Cypionate was greeted coolly by the builders, but over time the situation has changed. Today, both long steroids are approximately equally in demand on the market. This is not surprising, because there are no significant differences between them.

Among the positive qualities of anabolic can be noted:

  • Rapid increase in muscle volume.

  • Appetite increases and at the same time there is no feeling of false hunger.

  • The work of the articular-ligamentous apparatus is normalized, and pain sensations in these parts of the body are eliminated.

  • Increased sexual activity.

  • Microelements are actively retained in bone tissues, which leads to their strengthening.

This drug can be considered relatively safe, but if you decide to order Testo C for the first time, then it is definitely worth getting acquainted with the potential side effects. Most often, builders encounter estrogen-type side effects. This is due to the high tendency of prolonged testosterone-containing anabolics to aromatize. In order not to experience health problems, it is enough to introduce an aromatase inhibitor, for example, Exemestane, into the course.

Since bodybuilding enthusiasts most often use average dosages of AAS and conduct short courses, they have no problems with the work of the pituitary arch. This negative effect can manifest itself when using strong steroids for more than 10 weeks. To eliminate health problems, you need to use Gonadotropin.

Combination and dosage of Testo C

The scheme of using Cypionate is quite simple for a week, it is enough to put the drug twice in 250 milligrams. This dosage is great for bodybuilders and is safe. The maximum allowable amount of the drug during the week is 750 milligrams, and it is not advisable to use less than 250 mg during this time period. As for the duration of courses with the participation of Cypionate, we recommend limiting it to 6-8 weeks.

The drug is excellent for combined use, as it can be combined with any pharmaceutical.Novice athletes may pay attention to drugs such as Boldenone or Methandienone. If you have enough experience, you should use Cypionate in combination with Nandrolone Decanoate or even prolonged esters of Trenbolone.

Testo C reviews

Although the drug appeared on the domestic market relatively recently, you can already find Testo C reviews in Runet. Athletes highly appreciated the preparation of the Malaysian manufacturer. Many builders consider him one of the best in their group. Also they say that Testo C price is affordable.


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