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Release form:

10 mg / 100 tablets

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A country:

Moldova (Moldova)





Stanover (Stanover) pills

Stanover (Latin Stanover) is a steroid whose anabolic activity is several times higher than that of Testosterone.
The main purpose of the drug is to increase strength and muscle mass, improve muscle dryness and give them an inspiring relief appearance.
Quite often, Stanover is used by athletes during the drying of the body to cleanse the body of toxins and fatty tissues.

Usage efficiency

Steroid Stanover can be used both independently and in combined courses for sports and strength training. Best to match Stanover with Trenbolone or Testosterone Propianate.
Depending on body weight, age and physical fitness, the dosage of the drug can average 30-60 mg per day, evenly divided into 2-3 doses.
The recommended course lasts from 6 to 8 weeks.
The effectiveness of the drug is observed after 10-14 days of administration.

special instructions

Note, Stanover It has contraindications, so before you start using it, it is recommended to be examined by a doctor.

Health and strength, power and high efficiency of use

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