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SP Cabergoline

The first drug based on the active ingredient Cabergoline appeared in the United States at the very beginning of the eighties. In a short time, he was in demand by athletes. Today, many leading sports pharmaceutical manufacturers are releasing their own version of this medication. Now we will talk about the product of the Moldovan company SP Labs – SP Cabergoline, which can be bought at a profit in our store.

Positive qualities and effects of SP Cabergoline

Cabergoline belongs to the group of dopamine agonists. This substance helps slow down the production of prolactin. It is no secret that Nandrolone and Trenbolone have progestogenic activity. It is for its suppression that athletes use Cabergoline.

Prolactin is the female hormone responsible for lactation. Scientists still cannot understand why this substance is necessary in the male body. It should be recognized that the process of its production resembles a vicious circle, since the behavior of an athlete, even without the use of steroids, can influence these biochemical reactions.

If the concentration of the hormone exceeds normal values, the health of the man worsens. This substance helps to reduce potency and libido, excess water begins to linger in the body, etc. Now scientists are not ready to talk about all the negative properties of high prolactin.

But they are much more familiar with the effects of low prolactin. In such a situation, self-confidence increases significantly, and the man is extremely reluctant to make concessions.No less important should be considered high psychological stability, as well as complete independence from the opinions of other people. Affects low prolactin and sexual life, reducing the recovery time between intercourse. Given the high efficiency and the fact that SP Cabergoline is not expensive, the popularity of this drug is easily explained.

Combination and dosage of SP Cabergoline

Bodybuilders decide to order SP Cabergoline during anabolic cycles with the participation of Trenbolone and Nandrolone esters. It is these drugs that can increase the concentration of the hormone. The scheme of using Cabergoline is not very complicated. To effectively suppress the processes of prolactin synthesis, it is enough to use Cabergoline every fourth day at 0.25 milligrams.

If the level of the female hormone still exceeded normal values, then you need to leave the dosage the same, but take the drug every second day. Also, some men who are far from sports use the medication in question to improve the quality of life. In such a situation, you need to take 0.5 milligrams every tenth day.

However, it should be noted that a strong decrease in the level of prolactin can also lead to the manifestation of negative effects. First of all, this is expressed in a violation of the sleep pattern, a decrease in the efficiency of the immune system and a deterioration in mood. Returning to the use of the drug by athletes, we say that sometimes it is also used during the period of rehabilitation therapy after the completion of anabolic courses. This will be required in the case when the level of prolactin continues to be high. At this stage, it is enough to take 0.25 milligrams every seventh day.

SP Cabergoline reviews

To date, Cabergoline is the best way to combat the progestogenic activity of steroids. It is quite obvious that SP Cabergoline reviews on the net are common. Athletes for a long time using the drug could not find any shortcomings in it. In addition to excellent performance, it is also distinguished by an attractive cost.


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