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This drug is based on the active substance of the prolonged action Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. Experienced athletes will immediately say that it is most effective to use Parabolan during the period of mass gain. All drugs based on tren can significantly increase the rate of hypertrophy of muscle mass. However, this is not the only reason why many athletes decide to buy Parabolan.

Positive qualities and effects Parabolan

Trenbolone has powerful anabolic and strong androgenic properties. In these indicators, it exceeds the male hormone, respectively, by 2 and 4 times. It is not surprising that thanks to the esters of Trenbolone, athletes achieve high results. Almost immediately after the appearance on the market, builders paid attention to Parabolan, which can be ordered profitably in our store.

Let's look at the main properties of the steroid, and you will understand what is the reason for the popularity of the drug:

  • A rapid increase in muscle mass of good quality.

  • Acceleration of the synthesis of insulin-like growth factor.

  • Powerful fat burning properties.

  • No tendency to aromatize.

  • The activity of cortisol and other catabolic hormones is quickly suppressed.

  • Power characteristics increase rapidly.

After studying the main effects of Parabolan, it becomes clear why it is so popular among professional bodybuilders. In fairness, we note that more and more experienced bodybuilding enthusiasts acquire it. This is explained in the first place.That Parabolan's price-performance ratio is superior to all other AAS. However, this drug is not suitable for beginner builders.

As for side effects, they are likely. It cannot be otherwise, given the strength of the steroid's effect on the body. However, we have effective means of dealing with all the shortcomings of the anabolic. First of all, we are talking about progestogenic activity. It is because of her that gynecomastia is possible in courses with the participation of Parabolan. If you use Cabergoline, then this problem will be solved.

Combination and dosage Parabolan

Recall that this drug should be used only if you have extensive experience in the use of pharmaceuticals. Since the steroid has a prolonged effect on the body, it is enough to make a maximum of two injections within a week. The recommended dosage for this time period is 200 to 300 milligrams. This amount of the drug is more than enough to get great results.

We also recall that Cabergoline should be introduced into the course. If the duration of AAS use exceeds five weeks, then it is desirable to use Gonadotropin. This is due to the fact that Trenbolone is able to quickly suppress the work of the pituitary arch. You can combine Parabolan with almost any AAS except Nandrolone. For example, an excellent course can be carried out thanks to the combination of Testosterone Enanthate-Parabolan. Put both anabolics twice a week. The single dosage of Enanthate is 250 milligrams. And Parabolan 100 milligrams. By adding Stanozolol to this combination, you can significantly improve the quality of the gained mass.

Reviews about Parabolan

Reviews are common in the Parabolan network.They are of particular interest for the reason that they are left mainly by experienced builders or professional athletes. Before starting the course, you should get acquainted with the opinions of athletes in order to make the use of the steroid as safe as possible. If we analyze the available reviews, we can state. That this is an excellent drug that allows you to progress quickly with acceptable risks of side effects.


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