Masto P (Masteron Propionate)



Ortis Pharm Labs

Release form:

10ml x 100mgml

Active substance:

Drostenolone Di-Propionate

A country:

Malaysia (Malaysia)





Masto P – 10ml/100mg

The drug is produced by Ortis Pharm Labs from Malaysia. It is based on the active substance of the same name, which has a short half-life. Athletes decide to buy Masto P for strength courses, and also use the steroid during the drying period.

Positive qualities and effects of Masto P

Drostanolone is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. Unlike other steroids, this drug has a high androgenic effect on the body. We have already noted that the half-life of Drostanolone Propionate is small and the steroid is able to work after administration for 24-48 hours. Although this fact suggests frequent injections, athletes often decide to order Masto P.

The fact is that it is a very effective and at the same time safe AAS. However, athletes should not use it, as it is a strong androgen. Let's highlight the main properties of the drug:

  • Great for drying courses.

  • Promotes the growth of power characteristics.

  • Does not pose a threat to the liver.

  • It has mild antiestrogenic activity.

  • Gives muscles additional hardness.

  • Improves the quality of the relief.

  • Is a strong fat burner

Also, the complete absence of a tendency to aromatization should be added to the positive properties of the steroid. Although Drostanolone is a strong androgen, side effects of this type are extremely rare in cycles.Among other things, Masto P does not seem overpriced, despite the fact that the manufacturer of the drug is a well-known European company.

Combination and dosage of Masto P

The duration of courses involving the drug should be limited to one or a maximum of two months. We recommend putting Drostanolone Propionate every second or third day at 100 milligrams. This classic scheme is perfect for solo and combined courses. The desire of every athlete to get the most out of the use of pharmaceuticals is fully justified.

Some builders constantly increase dosages for this, which as a result leads to the development of side effects. In order not to have health problems, you should use steroids in combination with each other. The drug considered today goes well with any AAS. An excellent solution for the fight against fat will be a bunch of Testosterone Propionate – Masto P.

Both steroids need to be administered every second day at 100 milligrams. Experienced builders can also add Clenbuterol with Ketotifen to this combination. The first drug is a powerful fat burner, and the second is used to suppress the negative effects of clen. Note that Drostanolone can also be used to improve the quality of gaining muscle mass.

For this, the drug is introduced into the composition of a powerful mass-gathering ligament, for example, Trenbolone Enanthate-Testosterone Cypionate. Start using Drostanolone at the final stage of the course after the abolition of mass-gathering AAS. This will not only minimize the rollback, but also facilitate the subsequent recovery of the body.

Reviews about Masto P

On the net you can find Masto P reviews, even if there are not very many of them in Runet.Since this steroid has recently appeared on the domestic market, few athletes have been able to evaluate its effectiveness. However, the opinions of builders already available on the network indicate the high quality of the steroid and its excellent effectiveness.


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