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20 mg / 5 tablets

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Esculap – 5 tabs

Every man wants to feel confident in an intimate meeting with a woman. However, due to various circumstances, this is not always possible. To avoid unpleasant surprises, you can buy Esculap. This is a modern means to enhance potency, produced by the popular company Balkan Pharma. The drug will be very effective for weak erections caused by psychological problems.

Positive qualities and effects of Esculap

The most profitable Esculap can be ordered in our store. However, first we invite you to get to know him better. Esculap's active ingredient is Tadalafil. It was created relatively recently and is significantly superior in efficiency to analogues already on the market.

The mechanism of the potency stimulator is associated with the effect of phosphodiesterase type 5 or PDE5 on the substance. This enzyme acts on the blood vessels located in the pelvic area. As a result, blood flow worsens and erection worsens. Tadalafil inhibits PDE5, thereby increasing potency. However, the drug begins to work only after sexual stimulation, which avoids spontaneous erection.

Consider the main positive properties of Aesculapius:

  • Allows you to achieve a high-quality and long-lasting erection.

  • Works for about 36 hours from the moment of application.

  • Due to the high absorption rate, it can begin to perform its task within 20 minutes after taking the tablet.

  • Guaranteed no spontaneous erection.

  • The duration of sexual intercourse increases due to a decrease in the sensitivity of nerve endings located in the head of the male genital organ.

  • After ejaculation, recovery is faster.

  • Does not have a steroid nature.

  • Side effects are almost never observed.

In addition to excellent efficiency, Esculap does not look overpriced either. In addition to all of the above, I would like to note several advantages of Aesculapius over competitors. First of all, we are talking about a stronger effect on the phosphodiesterase type 5 enzyme. Also, Aesculap has practically no effect on the performance of PDE3, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the heart muscle. We also note that recently potency stimulants have been actively used in sports to achieve a powerful pumping effect.

Combination and dosage of Esculap

It should immediately be said that Aesculapius must be used strictly in accordance with the instructions. Although this is a fairly safe drug, you should not get carried away with it. The best solution would be to use a potency stimulator after a hard day at work or in other similar situations where external factors can adversely affect potency. Since the duration of the drug is at least 30 hours, one tablet per day is enough to get positive results.

We also note that some medications can affect the effectiveness of Aesculapius. For example, erythromycin and rotonavir increase the potency stimulant's effect on the body. But the antacid helps to slow down the absorption process.

Esculap reviews

Almost immediately after the appearance on the market, the drug became very popular.This is primarily due to the excellent efficiency of Aesculapius and its attractive cost. In addition, it turned out to be safer in comparison with some analogues, and at the same time surpasses them in terms of operation time. Men note the fact that the potency stimulant is combined with alcoholic beverages.


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