Cytover (Tsitover)




Release form:

50 mcg / 25 tab

Active substance:

Liothyronine Sodium (T3)

A country:

Moldova (Moldova)





Cytover (Zitover)

Tablets Zitover (Latin Cytover) fat-burning drug, the action of which is to stimulate metabolism.
Accelerating the metabolism, the tablets burn fat cells, turning them into physical energy, as a result, they simplify the body's attitude to intense sports and strength training.
By transforming body fat into muscle tissue, the drug has a powerful effect. Fat burning while taking Cytover occurs constantly, even when the body is in a passive state, so its use must be strictly observed with the instructions and recommendations of specialists.

special instructions

Although the efficiency steroid Cytover have been repeatedly confirmed by clinical studies, and the drug itself is in the group of anabolics of enhanced action. Its use still does not replace physical exercise and food restrictions, but only stimulates the process of muscle formation and complements the correct diet. Therefore, at the time of its use, in no case should you neglect the regime of the day.

Admission course

Note, Tsitover it is a powerful steroid and should only be used after examination by a doctor.
On average, the course of admission should begin with 25 micrograms on the first day of 0.5 tablets, and gradually increase to 50 micrograms. This mode will enable the body to easily adapt to the drug, while avoiding a hormonal breakdown.

Health and strength, power and high efficiency of use

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