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Anastrozole novartis medical

Anastrozole is an antiestrogenic, highly selective non-steroidal substance that is an aromatase inhibitor. Initially, the drug was used in medicine as a treatment for benign tumors in the mammary glands in women, but recently the drug is practically not used for this. It is most often used in power sports before and after the AAS course. Helps prevent the negative effects of long-term use of steroid drugs. The drug is metabolized in the liver, absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract, the substance and its metabolites are excreted in the urine. Available only in the form of tablets, there are no other types. It is intended for oral administration, the release form is 25 white tablets, 1 tablet contains 1 mg of the active substance. You can buy the drug at a bargain price in our store.

Pharmacological action, effect of taking, features of the drug

The active substance Anastrozole inhibits the action of estradiol, but does not affect gonadotropin, cortisol and aldosterone.

Anastrozole is widely known among bodybuilders and athletes for its unique properties, with the help of which there is a leveling of negative side effects from taking steroid drugs. Anastrozole is one of the most effective means for athletes who experience aromatization.

The drug has the following distinctive features:

  • Reduces the level of estradiol (aromatization) up to 80% of the original value,

  • Suppresses the process of aromatization in the shortest possible time,

  • Is an inhibitor

  • Prevents hypertension increase in pressure at which the muscles begin to contract,

  • Helps to increase the production of the body's own testosterone,

  • Increases the level of anabolic hormones,

  • Prevents suppression of the functions of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testis axis,

  • Helps to reduce the concentration of estrogen in the blood,

  • Prevents the development of gynecomastia development of the mammary glands,

  • Prevents the formation of edema

  • Able to visually improve the relief of the body,

  • Fast effect. It is instantly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract.

Instructions for use and dosage

The drug is indicated for use only by experienced athletes, for those who have just decided to engage in power sports, it is not recommended to take Anastrozole. The tool is used before or after the course. Before the course, it can be used as a prophylaxis. After the course, use is possible if side effects are observed. The most effective way to take before meals or in the morning on an empty stomach at the same time every day, drink 3 glasses of clean water. So the substance will quickly enter the bloodstream and begin its action. For women, taking the drug is categorically contraindicated, otherwise it will lead to hormonal disorders and the development of secondary male characteristics.

  • If anabolics with a short half-life were used: 10 days after the start of the course of taking anabolic steroids, take tests for the level of estradiol in the blood, take &frac12 tablets per day every other day for 10 days. Then once again take tests for the level of estradiol in the blood and change the daily dosage.

  • If anabolics with long esters were used: 28 days after the start of the course, take tests for the level of estradiol in the blood, take &frac12, tablets per day every other day for 10 days.Then once again take tests for the level of estradiol in the blood and change the daily dosage.

  • The maximum allowable daily dose is 1 mg (1 tablet). It is acceptable to use the drug on the basis of your feelings &frac14, – &frac12, tablets. If there is a lack of erection, a decrease in libido, visual impairment, the dose should be reduced to &frac14 tablets or discontinued altogether.


    Anastrozole is widely known among experienced athletes, its pronounced antiestrogenic effect and unique ability to reduce the level of aromatization makes the drug the most popular in the sports nutrition market for PCT. If you strictly follow the instructions and do not exceed the maximum allowable dose, the remedy will not bring side effects and increase the effectiveness of taking steroids.


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