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Winstrol- 10ml/50mg

Winstrol Stanozolol Aqueous Suspension. Many athletes know this drug under the name Winstrol. It was under this brand name that one of the most sought-after steroids appeared on the market. We recommend buying winstrol for an excellent drying course and an increase in physical parameters.

Positive qualities and effects of Winstrol

Stanozolol can be safely called one of the most popular steroids on the modern pharmaceutical market. This applies not only to the tablet, but also to the injection version. Today we will talk about the second form of this active substance. Winstrol first appeared on the market in the early sixties and was quickly noticed by athletes. The peculiarity of this steroid is that it can be effectively used by representatives of all sports.

If most AAS allow you to increase only strength, then Winstrol also contributes to the growth of endurance. This is a powerful anabolic, the indicator of the corresponding type of activity of which is 320 percent of the male hormone. Although Stanase is derived from dihydrotestosterone, the drug turned out to be a weak androgen. Speaking builders should remember that the detection period for anabolic metabolites during doping tests is three weeks.

  • Let's single out some of the most significant properties of a steroid for athletes:

  • On the course, not only strength increases, but also endurance.

  • Appetite increases.

  • It is a powerful fat burner.

  • The processes of liquid utilization are accelerated.

  • It has a slight antiprogestogenic and antiestrogenic activity.

  • In combination with other AAS, it allows you to gain high-quality muscle mass.

Unlike the tablet version of this active ingredient, only men can order Winstrol. This is due to a higher rate of biological activity, which leads to an increase in the risk of virilization. But for men, this is one of the safest AAS. This is largely due to the fact that the drug does not have estrogenic activity. Do not forget that Winstrol price is affordable for a wide range of builders. All these facts made the drug the most demanded in the pharmaceutical market.

Combination and dosage of Winstrol

Since the half-life of the steroid is short, it will have to be administered frequently. We recommend doing this every day at 50 milligrams. However, injections are also possible every other day with a single dosage of 100 milligrams. Note that the first scheme is used more actively, not only in solo courses, but also in combined ones. The duration of steroid use should be limited to 1.5 or a maximum of 2 months.

Since the anabolic in question is most often used in combination with other AAS, we cannot but say a few words about this method of using stanase. Let us immediately inform you that there are no restrictions in this matter. For a strong drying course, you should pay attention to Testosterone Propionate or Trenbolone Acetate. The second steroid can only be used by experienced builders. When combined with mass-gathering AAS, Stanozolol Aqua improves the qualitative characteristics of the results obtained.Since there can be a lot of potentially effective connections, we will not be able to dissect about each of them.

Reviews about Winstrol

All Winstrol reviews are strictly positive. This anabolic has proven itself in all sports disciplines. Note that a relatively small number of opinions of builders in Runet is explained only by the fact that this is a novelty for our market. In the near future the situation will change.


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