Testo E (Testosterone enanthate)



Ortis Pharm Labs

Release form:

10ml x 250mgml

Active substance:

Testosterone Enanthate

A country:

Malaysia (Malaysia)





Testo E- 10ml/250mg

Testo E is a powerful mass-gathering drug based on the active substance Testosterone Enanthate. It is a prolonged ester of the male hormone. The main tasks that this drug is designed to solve are a quick set of medium-quality muscle mass, as well as a significant increase in strength parameters. All builders who want to buy Testo E at an attractive price should visit our store.

Positive qualities and effects of Testo E

Testosterone Enanthate is a male hormone ester with a long half-life. This substance is completely analogous to the endogenous hormone and has the same range of positive effects. It was Enanthate that turned out to be the first long testosterone-containing steroid, and immediately after its appearance on the market, it began to enjoy great success.

However, then Cypionate was created and now the preferences of athletes are divided between the two steroids in approximately the same proportions. It should be recognized that in our country, bodybuilders often still decide to order Testo E. However, there are no significant differences between the two prolonged esters of the male hormone.

Here are some important positive qualities of the drug:

  • Promotes a rapid set of muscle mass.

  • Appetite increases.

  • The condition of bone tissues and the articular-ligamentous apparatus improves.

  • Increased sexual desire.

  • Eliminates pain in the joints.

The drug considered today can be considered relatively safe, although certain risks of side effects are still present. Most often, builders are faced with active fluid retention in the body and gynecomastia. These are the most common side effects of the estrogen type. To eliminate them, it is enough to introduce aromatase inhibitors into the course. The main factors behind the high popularity of anabolic are its high efficiency and sufficient safety. However, the attractive price of Testo E also has a certain influence on the desire of builders to purchase this steroid.

Combination and dosage of Testo E

The weekly dosage of Enanthate is 250 to 750 milligrams. To guarantee an even hormonal background, we recommend dividing it into two equidistant doses. Most often, bodybuilding enthusiasts put Testosterone Enanthate twice within seven days of 250 milligrams. In such an amount, the steroid will definitely not cause the development of side effects.

As with most other AAS, Enki courses can be limited to 6-8 weeks. Note that the use of a steroid for more than 2.5 months involves the use of Gonadotropin. A few words must be said about the combined use of the drug, there are no restrictions in this matter. An extremely powerful mass-gaining course can be a combination of Testo E with Trenbolone Enanthate. Novice builders may pay attention to the drug bundles with Methandienone or Nandrolone Decanoate.

Testo E reviews

We have already said that this is one of the most popular steroids. It is quite obvious that in such a situation it will not be difficult to find reviews on the Testo E network. Athletes note the high quality of this steroid, which is not surprising. The fact is that its manufacturer is the well-known Malaysian company Ortis Pharm Labs.


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