Oxandrolone (Oxandrolone)



Balkan Pharmaceuticals

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10 mg / 100 tablets

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Moldova (Moldova)






This drug is produced by the well-known Moldovan pharmaceutical company Balkan Pharma. It is a powerful anabolic and moderate androgen. It should also be noted the high safety of the drug. Athletes can safely buy Oxandrolone and not be afraid of the development of virilization. However, this bold statement does not mean that recommendations for steroid use can be ignored. In sports, Oxandrolone is used during the drying period and to increase strength. In addition, due to the combination with other AAS, the steroid allows you to gain lean muscle mass. But on solo courses, you should not count on a significant increase in muscle volume.

Positive qualities and effects of Oxandrolone

A few years ago, many novice athletes did not dare to order Oxandrolone, considering this drug to be feminine. However, now the situation has changed, because Oksana can help bodybuilders progress. To achieve the goals, you just need to learn how to correctly use this AAS. That is what we are going to talk about now.

Let's start by describing the most important effects of the steroid:

  • It is a powerful fat burner.

  • Stimulates the production of endogenous growth hormone.

  • Promotes the growth of power characteristics and performance.

  • In combination with other steroids, it allows you to gain the most dry muscle mass.

In addition, oxana has powerful anti-catabolic properties. Professional bodybuilders often use the drug to hold bridges on perpetual courses. It is quite obvious that bodybuilding lovers do not need this.To get good results, it is enough for them to use the farm in short courses.

We have already noted that this is the safest steroid, including for athletes. However, women should not violate the rules for taking Oksana, because the drug has androgenic activity, albeit weak.

Combination and dosage of Oxandrolone

The recommended daily dosage for men is 40-60 milligrams. Athletes during the day should consume from 10 to 20 milligrams. In such quantities, Oxandrolone will definitely not cause the development of virilization. The duration of the courses with the participation of the considered AAS is 4-8 weeks.

If it is enough for women to use Oxandrolone solo, then athletes prefer combined use. You can use any combination with injectables. Oxandrolone itself has a low hepatotoxicity index, but the combination with other AAS tablets can greatly burden the liver.

We will not be able to consider all possible combinations of Oksana with other steroids now. However, it is worth remembering such a popular combination as Oxandrolone-Testosterone Propionate. This bundle will allow you to dry perfectly, significantly increase the power characteristics and at the same time gain a few kilos of the highest quality mass. If you combine the intake of Oksana with Winstrol, then the emphasis will shift towards drying and increasing strength. You will definitely be able to choose a combination of drugs that will allow you to solve the problem in a short time.

Opinions about Oxandrolone

All products from Balkan Pharma are very popular and the anabolic considered today is no exception. This suggests that it will be very easy to find Oxandrolone reviews on the Internet.Quite often there are opinions of athletes. All of them speak about the high efficiency and safety of this AAS. Sometimes you hear that Oxandrolone is overpriced. We do not agree with this statement, because this is a quality drug, the proper use of which brings excellent results without health risks.


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