Daivobet (Daivobet ointment) 60 g



Leo Pharmaceutical

Release form:

Ointment for external use 50 mcg / 0.5 mg/g, tube 60 g

Active substance:

betamethasone, calcipotriol

A country:






Daivobet Daivobet Ointment 60 mg

Daivobet a potent glucocorticoid drug intended for the treatment of psoriasis of various etiologies.
Against the background of analogue drugs, it has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, and is characterized by a D-vitaminous agent to support the body.

Release form

Ointment Daivobet Produced in Denmark by Leo Pharmaceutical.
Differs in a homogeneous consistence, white or yellowish color.
It goes on sale in tubes of 15, 30 and 60 mg. Packed in a cardboard container, along with instructions.

From the point of view of specialists

Daivobet applied by external application to psoriasis-affected areas of the skin. In the complex of treatment, occlusive dressings can be used, this will to some extent enhance the absorption of the active components of the ointment, and increase the speed of treatment.
The ointment has no special restrictions on use. Approved for use by all people suffering from chronic and plaque psoriasis.
You can find out more details about the ointment by calling the phone number listed on the main page of our website.
Calls are answered by a qualified pharmacist.

All the power of health in one medicine

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