Clomid (Clomid)



Sanofi Aventis

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50 mg / 5 tablets

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Clomid Clomid 50mg tablets

Clomid a unique drug for the treatment of infertility in women. Helps in the fight against many diseases of the genitourinary system. Among them are anemia, amenorrhea, dysgonadotropia, galatorrhoea caused by tumor diseases, androgenic insufficiency, polycystic ovaries and diagnosis of damage to the function of the pituitary gland.
The drug has an antiestrogenic effect. It is successfully used to stimulate the ovulation process in the female body.

Release form

Clomid tablets manufactured in France by Sanofi-Eventis.
They are sold in blisters, 10 pieces each.
One package contains from 1 to 3 blisters.
The medicine comes with instructions.

special instructions

Clomid applied to block estrogen receptors in the ovaries, thereby greatly increasing the synthesis of sex hormones, which helps to activate ovulation. Normalizes the concentration of estrogen in the blood. Creates in the female body all the necessary conditions for pregnancy.
Please note that the tablets have restrictions in taking. Their use is contraindicated in women suffering from uterine bleeding, ovarian cysts, severe renal failure, and suspected tumor development.
Before you start using the drug, be sure to consult your doctor.
For all the details, please contact the phone number listed on the main page of the site.

All the power of health in one medicine

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